Who we are

Turning impossibility into possibility

We at 3P Metrics pride ourselves as one of the leading performance marketing agency in the world. Reason being is that we have top talented staff in our team. We recruit only the best and do only the best work for our clients. Currently, we are only looking to bring on 5 clients from different industry as our current staff pool only allow us to service up to 5 clients. This may sound alarming to you as a potential client for our company but it is only reasonable for us to bring on 5 clients, providing quality service for each and every one of them rather than stacking us with too much work and too little staff which may affect the quality of work.

Many agencies are looking to bring in as many clients as possible but we, rather than profitability, we believe in long-term relationships. Thus, we are looking to service a small pool of clients but providing the best service to them.

No matter if you are coming on as a custom strategy client or an individual service client, we will fulfil our promise to you.

What we do

Our promise to you

Performance - We strive to bring you the best performance and unleashing your business’s potential. Performance is hardly measurable except by monetary gains. However, we measure more deeply, focusing on different KPIs and Metrics depending on your objective.

Profit - We drive you more profit. With more leads from our lead generation strategies, you will see yourself getting more leads than before. With more leads, means more profit. We will take into account your revenue and profit margin to create a custom budget for your custom plan. Making it profitable for you.

Progress - Progress means growth. We believe in contributing to the progress of your business. We believe and have experienced clients’ budget increasing more than three-folds due to the growth in their business with us. If the client grows, we will grow too.

Who are you?

Customer qualification

We are taking up 5 clients but we do not base it on the amount you spend to choose these 5, but instead we based it on the potential of the business as well as the industry the client is in (We do not want to take in multiple clients in the same industry).

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