3P Metrics is different from other agency because we pick and choose services from this list and create a custom strategy for you, at a flat rate!

Marketing Strategy

We create effective marketing strategy for you. A unique, customized plan for you to achieve the objectives you want. This is the value you are getting for engaging our services.

Funnel Building

Building a funnel is equally as important as building a marketing strategy. An effective funnel building will allow your company to groom leads automatically and increase the conversion rate of them becoming leads and eventually a sale.


SEO is what we like to call it, the foundation of marketing activities. Why SEO is important? It increases your visibility and ranking on Search Engines and brings more credibility to your business.

Email/Content Marketing

Content is king. Well, at least for the digital marketing world. You need content to shape your clients, to grow your client base and to attract more clients. Email marketing can be used to provide updates to your clients but it can also increase your leads with the right strategy.

Analytics & Tracking

What good is it if we can increase your leads without knowing where they are coming from? Or what good is it if we fail to bring you leads and have no idea why? Analytics is important so we can not only provide you the reason as to why you are not converting but also increase the performance in following months.

Programmatic Marketing

Want to pay for ads that will follow your prospect wherever they go? Programmatic is the way to go. Do not worry, we will definitely add this baby in if it is beneficial for your business or product.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram? No worries, reach out to more people by using Social Media Marketing. Can be using paid adverts or unpaid management. Again, let us create a plan for you and we will deem if it is suitable for your business.

Paid Advertising

Using paid adverts are like using cheats in a game. You pay to get more leads. This strategy can work for a lot of companies but some will definitely benefit more than others.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We bring in 100 traffic for you per month but your site can only convert 5 of them. Is that good enough? Maybe for you, but not for us! We are looking to convert at least 25 traffic to leads for your website!
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576% Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

102% Organic Traffic Increased

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